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1307-1311 Liberty St
KCMO, MO, 64102
United States


Good Ju Ju was voted "Kansas City's Best Antique & Vintage Store" three years in a row from multiple Kansas City media outletsGood JuJu was also voted one of the "Best Antique Stores - Coast to Coast" by Flea Market Style magazine. 

Good Ju Ju is an event venue in KC's historic West Bottoms area, and we're only open one weekend a month on "First Friday" weekends.  

We're known for having all the cool, fun, vintage, retro and antique goods from the 1880's to the 1980's!

Become a Dealer at Good Ju Ju - Kansas City's Best Antique and Vintage Store

Think you've got what it takes to be part of the store voted "Best Antique and Vintage Store" in Kansas City?  We hope you do! Good Ju Ju has been Kansas City's favorite place to shop on First Friday weekends since 2007.

So you want to join the best antique & vintage store in Kansas City?  Read on and let's see if we're a good fit for each other.

We're only open 2 days a month, but let's be honest. Our dealers work their tails off, not just in the off-sale days getting ready, but during the sale. Our dealers have a lot of fun selling their goods, but Good Ju Ju is like no other store. It can be very fast-paced (think Black Friday at Wal-Mart), and all dealers sell each others items. We don't "camp out" in our own spaces. All dealers help ALL customers, everywhere in the store by getting things off the walls, moving sold inventory to the dock, carrying items to the checkout for customers, etc.  This is a dealer run store, and we're all in it together. If you are only in this for yourself, you won't last here.  As the original store in Kansas City's West Bottoms Antique District, we've frequently been imitated, but none match our unique look, vibe and style.

All of our Good Ju Ju dealers work a minimum of 14 hours during the 20 hours that we're open. The ones that work more than that usually sell more. And since Good Ju Ju is one of the highest volume antique and vintage stores in Kansas City, you have to have a LOT of inventory every month.  You won't sell out every month, but as a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to have 3 times the amount inventory that your space will hold as back stock that can be brought in as things sell.  (One item sells and goes out and you bring another item in, etc.).

Everyone wants to know how much rent is, so lets address that right now.  It varies. We're renting space (real estate) and prices vary depending on the size of the space, location of the space, number of walls, what floor it's on, etc.  We have one of the highest volume and busiest stores in Kansas City. This is why we almost always have a waiting list to become a dealer here.  And it isn't a chronological list. We may not choose you immediately (say, if you were a painted furniture dealer and we were "heavy" in painted furniture dealers). We choose dealers based on the how well we think they will "fit" with what are looking for.

Now, back to business.  Tell us about YOU!

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  1. Tell us about your experience as a dealer. Where do you sell currently and previously?
  2. How would you describe your "look"? 
  3. WHY do you think you'd be a good fit at Good Ju Ju? Be specific.
  4. In a separate email, send us 5-10 photos of items you sell and the prices you would be asking for these. Also send photos of your current or previous spaces/booths. Send these to GoodJuJuKansasCity (at) Gmail (dot) com.
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