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1307-1311 Liberty St
KCMO, MO, 64102
United States


Good Ju Ju was voted "Kansas City's Best Antique & Vintage Store" three years in a row from multiple Kansas City media outletsGood JuJu was also voted one of the "Best Antique Stores - Coast to Coast" by Flea Market Style magazine. 

Good Ju Ju is an event venue in KC's historic West Bottoms area, and we're only open one weekend a month on "First Friday" weekends.  

We're known for having all the cool, fun, vintage, retro and antique goods from the 1880's to the 1980's!

FAQ's on Good Ju Ju - Kansas City's Best Antique and Vintage store

Here you'll find answers to the numerous questions our followers ask.  Scroll or search and if you don't see your question listed here, it's probably not important.  Just kidding.  We can't get it all on here, so if you don't find what you're looking for, drop us an email and we'll get back to you!

The F.A.Q. Section is intended to be informational and information can change at any time.

What is Good Ju Ju?

Good Ju Ju is an "event retail store" open once monthly to sell antiques, vintage, and lifestyle equipment. Good Ju Ju was voted as Kansas City’s #1 favorite place to shop for antiques, vintage items, retro goods, and cool, funky, unique collectible items according to Pitch Magazine (KC’s Best vintage Shop – October 2010, 2011 and 2012).  We offer antiques and vintage treasures from pre 1900 to the 1980’s (and some nonsense).  So in a nutshell, we have something for everyone.  Good Ju Ju is a “vendor run store”, which keeps rent and expenses to a minimum, so we are able to offer great prices.  It’s not a flea market or an antique mall, but the unique mix of goods makes it even better than antique malls, swap meets, antique auctions or wherever you like to shop for vintage items, antiques and collectibles.  This brings a great mix of styles and tastes to the store to create a truly fabulous an antique shopping event.  


What are Good Ju Ju's Hours?

We're only open on the "First Friday Weekend of each month. Look at your calendar, find the first Friday of the month, and you’ve found the day our antique shopping event begins. Want to see all of our future sale dates? Click here for our calendar.  So call, text or email your friends NOW and schedule an outing.  You’re overdue to spend time with good friends anyway, right?


Where are you located?

Good Ju Ju is located in Kansas City's historic West Bottom's area, which is about 1/2 mile West of downtown KC. Our address is:

1420 w. 13th Ter

Kansas City, Mo. 64102.  

See our "Directions" tab for driving directions and an interactive map.


How do I become a dealer at Good Ju Ju? 

We’d be thrilled to consider any serious dealer who has a steady supply of inventory, and are willing to work during our events.  This is a vendor run business so all dealers work hard to make it what it is.  We're only open 20 hours a month and you must be available to work 14 of those hours, since we're a dealer run store. Click here to go to our "Become a Dealer" page.   There you can tell us little about your yourself, your antique and vintage style, and why you think you would be an awesome Ju Ju dealer. 


I want to sell my items. Does Good Ju Ju buy antiques or offer consignments?

Good Ju Ju doesn't buy items or offer consignments anymore, but our 40 dealers are always on the hunt for a bargain. If you are just wanting to get rid of your items, one of our dealers may be interested, as long as they can buy them affordably, mark them up for a reasonable profit, and still make them a great bargain for our customers.

If you'd like us to pass along your info to our dealers, hit the "contact us" button at the top of this page and send photos of your items, what part of Kansas City you live in, how you want our dealers to contact you (phone, email, text, etc.) along with your asking prices.  Once we receive ALL of this info, and if we think there is room for a dealer to make money on them, we'll forward your request to all 40 of our dealers. Then they can get in touch with you directly if they are interested.

If you want to get top dollar/retail for your items, your best bet is probably Craig's List, a consignment auction, or eBay.  

Will you hold something for me while I think about it or shop the other stores? 

Sorry, but no.  Due to the sheer volume of customers and the rapid turnover of our inventory, you need to come prepared with measurements of any area you are trying to find a piece for and be ready to take advantage of our affordable antiques.  If you are in the store and want to commit to buying something, we will mark it sold, or put it on our "sold" shelf behind the checkout, but in doing so you are committing to buying the item. 


Do you deliver? 

Sorry, we don’t.  But we can work with you to have something picked up later that weekend or the following week after the sale if you absolutely can’t take it home that day.  So call that friend with a truck or SUV, or rent a truck from U-Haul or Home Depot for about $30.  With what you save shopping here, it’s a no brainer that it’s still a bargain.  Since we’re only open 1 weekend a month, please do your best to have your items picked up during our sale weekend. You can also contact Bungii, or another a local delivery company that specializes in hauling small loads


Do you do appraisals? 

No – we are not certified Appraisers. We have a general working knowledge of the business, but our interest is buying and selling — not speculating on what something might be worth.  What matters is how it makes you feel.


What does Good Ju Ju specialize in?  

Everything.  We have really great stuff from the 1880's to the 1980's.  But antique furniture is very popular, as well as used furniture that has been painted, distressed, or embellished for a unique look are very popular. There are way too many categories to list, but we especially like the unusual and hard to find things. It might be mid century furniture, lamps, end tables, book cases, vintage lighting, vintage clothing, industrial tables and fixtures, and much more. We always have tables, chairs, rugs, dressers, counters, cabinets, architectural, garden and accessories. Categories that you will always see are country, mission, industrial, Empire, Victorian, painted, deco and many others. We usually have mirrors, frames, glassware, ironstone, wood crafts…if you are looking for something – so are we.   What makes our place different is we don’t specialize in one area.  With multiple dealers with their own focus, there is always something for everyone, especially when looking for a gift for the person who has everything.


How many emails will you send me if I sign up for your email list?

If you sign up for our email list you'll get about 1 email per month. Our email's are sent to share pictures of recently acquired merchandise and to notify our customers of upcoming events, bonus sales and more. We will NOT share, sell, rent, donate, or loan your email address to anyone else. Period.  We get enough junk mail and so do you. Typically, we only send about 15 emails out per year.


What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX and checks with proper ID.


Do you have layaway?

Sorry, we don’t.  Our store is crammed so full of merchandise that we just don’t have room to store anything.


When I'm shopping at Good Ju Ju, why do vendors keep asking to take my stuff to the front counter?  

We want our customers to be comfortable when they shop. In our 150-year old historical building, it can sometimes be overwhelming by how much merchandise our vendors can bring in, and by how many customers love to come and shop with us.  We want you to have your hands free so you can look at, touch, inspect and enjoy what you see. We have a "sold" area behind the checkout for small items and a loading dock for larger treasures. We're known for our great customer service so you might get asked multiple times by multiple people if they can put your items up front! We're not being pushy, we just want you to have your hands free so it's easier to shop!  If you have something you want set back, just look for one of our dealers wearing a Good Ju Ju apron or name tag and ask them to set your treasures aside with your name on them until you are ready to check out.


What is your pricing philosophy? 

We price our merchandise to sell. We are not concerned about what something is “worth” – we are concerned with what is a fair price. Usually price is based on condition, how hard it is to find, the quality, the functionality and/or what we paid for it. Along with that is did it require work in repainting, refinishing, rewiring, buying replacement parts (such as mirror glass or lamp shade) hauling, storing, insuring, and many other factors. The antique business is our passion, and the items in Good Ju Ju are there to sell!


Do you sell to dealers? 

Absolutely. Dealers are some of our best customers. We price our merchandise with dealers in mind. So if other dealers are shopping with us so they can mark things up and resell them elsewhere, you can bet our prices are pretty good. Be sure to bring a copy of your tax letter from the state issuing the tax exemption! Just having your tax number (and no letter) isn't good enough.


Why doesn't Good Ju Ju allow negotiating? 

Good Ju Ju dealers work very hard scouring bargains in Kansas City, and beyond, so we can pay it forward and pass on a great deal to you. All dealers price their merchandise themselves and have to consider their rent, expenses and time, we also want to make enough profit to go out the next month and start all over scoring awesome deals, for you see at the next sale!    


If I buy something at your event can I pick it up later?

We're only open 2 days a month for shopping (First Friday and the day after). But if you find a treasure and have no way to get it home during our 9-7 hours of our events, we do have some limited hours available for pickups only.  You can pick up large items on Sunday after the sale from 1:00-3:00 or Thursday after the sale between the hours of 4:00-6:00 p.m. If you do choose to come on these days, you MUST bring your own muscle. We won't have those big, strong guys and gals present who normally work on our loading dock during our events. So if your piece will take 4 people to lift it, then bring 3 people with you!


Where do you get your inventory? 

From people just like you and referrals! In addition, our dealers travel all over the country (literally) to find the best deals available.


Can I buy an item before the sale actually begins?

If it's an item that is being "featured" online (Facebook, website, Instagram, etc.) as being at our upcoming sale, then we won't sell it before the sale starts. Period.  Once the event begins, you can call in starting at 10:00 a.m. the day of the sale and buy it over the phone.  But you are buying it "sight unseen" and we have a "no returns" policy.  Plus, we open at 9:00 a.m. so the customers that really want an item are going to get here and get in line to get first crack at what we've advertised, so you’re taking your own chances.

Many times customers call after a sale saying, “I wish I would have bought “X” when I was there”.  If the item you want is still available, we’ll be glad to take a credit card over the phone and run the transaction through and then hold the item for you. But that’s a BIG if.  With the sheer number of people coming to our sale, it’s a gamble to wait. The best time to buy an antique is when you SEE it. But we'll do our best to help you out. We love a regret call for an item that's still here!


What is your return policy?

All sales are final.  Please remember that we sell antiques, collectibles and related merchandise that have a history and were “previously loved”.  We welcome you to inspect the merchandise and we will share our knowledge, but unfortunately because of the unique nature of the items we carry returns are not accepted.  Everything is sold “AS IS” and all sales are final without any guarantees unless the final receipt indicates differently.


Do you sell online?  

No.  This is an event-only antique store.


Is Good Ju Ju handicap accessible?

 Sort of. The buildings in the West Bottoms date back to around the Civil War (1860's) so they obviously weren't. But we've made some improvements. We have a ramp at the front door and handicap parking right against our building (on the South Side). There is also handicap parking in the lot directly across the street from us on the South side.  However, the parking lot is gravel so there would be about 50' that might be a bit rough to get to the ramp.  For the 2nd and 3rd floors, we'll be glad to take you up in our elevator. 


How can I get a reminder about upcoming shows?  

Join our email list to get reminders, sneak peeks, announcements for bonus sales, and much more. You can also like our Facebook page where we have more frequent updates and you can join the conversation with others who share your passion.


How long has Good Ju Ju been in business? 

Good Ju Ju  started in 2007 as the first event venue in Kansas City's West Bottoms.  It was pretty boring those first few years, but if you've shopped in KC's West Bottoms Antique District, you'll see the chaos that we created.  See our "About Us" tab for the full story.


Do you decorate private homes or offices? 

It is always gratifying to see what good homes our antiques go into, but we have never accepted an offer to decorate for a client.  However, feel free to ask any of our incredibly creative dealers for ideas on "alternative uses" for any particular item.  They've got imaginations like no other.


What does the term "Good Ju Ju" actually mean? 

There are several answers out there, but in general terms, it means "Good Vibes".  It's also a gypsy term for "luck" (as in "good luck").   JuJu is also an African tribe term for "magic". Ju Ju also means "energy" so "Good Energy" would be another way to look at our store.  But no matter which definition you subscribe to, to us, the name Good Ju Ju means "the best antique and vintage shopping in Kansas City"!